Thursday, December 5, 2013

Greetings from the Deep Freeze

It's cold here in Northeast Wyoming. We woke up to a temperature of -17°F this morning, and it soon dropped to -18°. Is it the first time it's been this cold? No, and it won't be the last. Is it the coldest it's ever been? No, thank goodness!

But it is sooooo cold here, and supposed to get even colder tonight, that I have been having some silly thoughts about our frigid weather today. Who knows...maybe laughing about the cold will generate a little heat??? Ok, maybe not, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. The maniacal giggling has nothing to do with the fact that my brain may have too many frozen cells to function properly at the moment!

The following (bad) jokes are mine. The cartoons are not. They're borrowed from Google Images.

Picture this: I drive to Al Gore's mansion and pull up to the speaker at the security gate at the bottom of the driveway...

Voice from the Speaker: May I help you?

Me: Yes. I'd like 2 extra large orders of global warming, with a side of unseasonably warm temperatures.

What do I get when I have to take our dogs outside to potty in sub-zero weather? Pupsicles!

A delegation of climate experts, Al Gore and Obama were scheduled to travel to Wyoming and meet with state leaders about our coal, gas and oil being used world-wide and increasing global warming. The delegation cancelled the trip because it was too cold.

Ahahahahahaha! Ok, now it's time for some hot cocoa. Hopefully wherever you are, you are warm!