Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Difference a Couple of Days Makes

Here in Wyoming, we have seasonal yo-yo action in spring and autumn. Our weather goes completely crazy, like mother nature has multiple personality disorder or something. One day we're wearing shorts and t-shirts with the A/C running. Then within a matter of a day or two, we're bundled up and running the furnace, only to swing back the other way and warm up again in another day or two. While we are accustomed to all kinds of wild and wacky weather in Wyoming, the autumn yo-yo is in full force a bit earlier than usual this year.

This was happening on Friday, September 27:

It snowed all day. We ended up with about five inches of snow, and had a high temperature of 35°F. The trees are still in full leaf and could not take the weight of that heavy, wet snow. There were very large limbs brought down all over town, and that is a heartbreaking sight to see in an area where trees are carefully nurtured to get them to survive. Trees do not naturally grow here on their own.

This maple tree is across the street from my house, but there were scenes like this all over town.

Fast forward a couple of days. This was happening on Monday, September 30:

Most of my flowers survived the insult of being buried under snow, just being a little bit flattened here and there, and are still blooming. I started out the day wearing bluejeans, but got too warm and changed into shorts. The sun was intense, and felt downright hot, even though the temperature only reached the upper 70°s F.

Today is much cooler than yesterday. Already the temperature is on its way down, and we are forecast to have more cold and snow by the end of the week. Welcome to the autumn yo-yo!

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  1. Well said! This summer was even shorter than usual, from last frost to first snow. Sure makes it hard to know how to dress each morning!