Monday, July 2, 2012

Blah About Blogging

Well, here I am again.  The point I always reach when I decide to start a journal.  The point I reached several years ago when I started this blog in 2007, then quickly forgot all about it.  The point of feeling blah about blogging.  I don't know if it's because I'm just bored from "hearing" myself through blogging, or if I'm busy and just don't want to spend a bunch of time blogging.  It might be that the weather has been so hot with many days over 100° (we've reached the "dog days of summer" in June), and the air stinky and thick with smoke from fires in our state and neighboring states. It feels like both things are making my brain and motivation bone numb.  What, you don't have a motivation bone?  Well I do, and usually it's working much better than it has been lately.  Maybe it's a combination of things.  Whatever it is, I really do feel sort of blah about it all.

Why do I care if I blog or not?  Well, partly it's just a finish what I started thing.  Also, a certain lovely cousin of mine outed my blogging (she really is lovely, I don't mean this in any sort of sarcastic way), making it harder to just drop it again, since I've literally had people from all over the world reading my posts.  I do really have things I'd like to write about, like how we're nearly done, except for a few minor finishing touches, with the Rose McLaughlin Memorial Garden (it's undergone a lot of changes, and is very nice, if I do say so myself), pictures to share, and a few other things.  But, it's all sort of feeling like homework to me right now, and not so much fun.

So. Since I am feeling so blah about blogging, I guess this post will be my great insight for the day...week...or longer.  I think I'll take a walk around the blogging block, and see how I feel.  Who knows?  I just might get my inspiration and motivation back.

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