Monday, July 16, 2012


As I was watering my flower garden Friday evening, I didn't see a large bumblebee just going about his business, and accidentally watered him, too.  Poor thing was soaked and tried to fly, but just went bump, bump, bumping along the driveway, then stopped and just sat there.  I felt bad for the poor thing, so I let him crawl up onto my hand so he wouldn't get stepped on or something while he couldn't fly.  I wasn't afraid of getting stung, these bees are pretty docile.  I wasn't grabbing at him or trying to hurt him.

Poor drenched bumblebee

So I went on with my watering as the bee just crawled around a little bit on my hand.  As he dried, he would get his wings going a few times, but still wasn't able to take off.  Then finally, he was dry enough, and made a bee-line (har har) out of there.  I hope he wasn't too insulted by his unscheduled bath!

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  1. You are more brave than I to let him be on your hand!