Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Summer: August

August had a lot going on. I really had to whittle down the photos, or you'd be here all day...or you'd look at a few and then move on to other things! So here is a sampling of some things that we experienced.

An evening storm was catching and filtering the sunlight, giving us these beautiful golden clouds.

Everything was bathed in the golden light. The camera does not do it justice, but I think you can get the idea. It was pretty, but also eerie.

On another trip to the Big Horn Mountains, we took a road way back in and came upon this cave. It was narrow but long, with the entrance in the center.

If you went to the right in the cave and climbed up over some rocks, you'd find yourself on this little terrace, about 30 feet up the rock face.

If you went to the left and did a little climbing, you would find a crack in the rock just big enough to fit through, and climb back down to the ground. It was steeper coming down than this picture looks.

One weekend we took a little road trip to Sheridan, WY and visited the Field of Honor. People could sponsor flags for veterans, both past and present, or emergency first responders. This is the flag for Chad's father, Charles Birdie, sponsored by his sister and brother-in-law.  

There were a thousand flags there, I wish it would have been possible to take a photo showing all of them. It was beautiful and touching to see all those flags.

While in Sheridan, we also visited Chad's sister and her family. Youngest nephew, Tucker, really likes to "drive". He was planning on making a lot of turns. Way to use that signal, Tucker!

At the end of August, we celebrated Megan's 16th Birthday. She had requested a visit from Chris Evans, the actor portraying Captain America. Alas, he was busy that day, so she settled for a Captain America cake. Lots of fun was had by all with that dark blue icing!

The day after her birthday, Megan started her junior year of high school.

How was your August?

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