Monday, September 23, 2013

My Summer: June

Camping! We have a great little camper, just perfect for the three of us. Our first camping trip was in June in the Big Horn Mountains. It was beautiful!

Our front yard for a few days.

Our first morning, we were surprised to have a visitor. This young bull moose just nonchalantly sauntered through our campsite.

He stopped to munch here and there as he wandered through. Within about ten minutes, he had made his way back into the trees, and we quickly lost sight of him.

Toward early evening, we went for a drive down some of the back roads, and saw this little buck. He was sporting the latest popular deer hairstyle...spikey blonde fringe.

Our first night camping, the moon was bright and beautiful.

The next morning, we drove a very rough and narrow road for a few miles, down into a creek bottom. It opened up into this beautiful meadow, covered in mountain lupine. The scent in the air from the flowers was heavenly!

Megan looking at the grasshopper she just caught.

Chad taking it easy.

Our last morning camping, the fog rolled in. Soon after, rain, sleet and some hail followed. So we packed up and headed home. We had a great three days, even with the soggy ending.

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