Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Summer: July

July was beautiful, and unusually cool. We enjoyed the 4th of July fireworks from inside the truck because we were in the middle of a strong thunderstorm that brought a deluge. Even with the pouring rain, the show went on. Apparently, fireworks don't mind getting wet, and will still do their thing. The storm's wild lightning seemed to be in competition with the fireworks to see who could put on the best show. I think it was a tie for first place!

Just a couple of blocks from our house sits a lake and wildlife preserve area. Our town had a wonderful path built all the way around the lake, and we've taken some very enjoyable walks there. Ducks, Canada Geese, pelicans, and many other waterbirds are regular residents of the lake, and fun to watch. I could live without the mosquitoes though!

We took another trip to the Big horn Mountains, and investigated some things we had not before. Going to the tippy top of Sheep Mountain to visit the lookout was amazing. We saw breathtaking views from the up there, and it's a place I'd very much like to visit again, maybe with a picnic lunch.

East end of the lake.

A large group of pelicans with a goose guest. It was sunset, so they were probably getting ready to bed down for the night.

Sheep Mountain lookout. It is only in use when there are fires to watch, so the rest of the time, the windows are boarded up. The Forest Service is proposing renting it out to overnight guests when it's not in use. If that gets approved, I think that would be a fun adventure!

Just below the lookout, Megan is enjoying being at the top of the world. I think the elevation was just under 10,000 feet. The wind was really blowing up there, and it was cold! Next time we go, I'll take a warmer jacket.

Cloud bridge over the Big Horn Mountains.

We saw this weird cloud formation when we took a little road trip to pick our daughter up from church camp. It's hard to tell from the picture, but it was totally separate from any other clouds, and looked like a giant airplane wing. There were actually three of these fascinating formations, spread a few miles apart from each other.

July was a great month!

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  1. It would be fun to spend the night at the lookout...until you had to find your way to the outhouse down the hill in the dark!