Monday, March 19, 2012


We have been having some lovely warm days for the past week. While we are in no way safe from cold and snow for the season, things have begun to grow. There are signs of new life everywhere! Trees budding, tulips and irises up, perennial flowers are making themselves known, and the robins and geese have made it back. If it can't be spring for good in Wyoming yet, at least we can see the promise of it.

Yesterday, we made a very exciting discovery! There are a few weeds with tiny sprouts in the garden, but there was this one little viola blooming in the middle of mostly barren dirt. Last summer, I had a barrel of violas growing about 10 feet away, so no doubt a seed found its way into my garden. Why this brave little soul decided now was a good time to grow is a bit of a mystery, but I'm glad it did!

Since our overnight temperatures are supposed to be falling to quite a bit below freezing tonight, I decided to dig up the cheery little viola and put it in a pot. It is sitting happily in my bay window with my other houseplants for now, but when it is safe to have flowers growing outdoors, I will replant it in the flowerbed. For now, we'll enjoy this happy bit of spring indoors.


  1. I enjoyed reading your posts. Are you going public with them now?
    You have talents in both writing and photography.

    Have you shared your blog address with your cousins?


  2. Well, haven't you been a sneaky little blogger! The secret is out now!

  3. I don't know if I'm sneaky, or simply neglectful, since I hadn't posted anything in 4 years... :o)