Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I have never been a girly girl. Despite my mother's best efforts when I was young, I've always been a tomboy. Dresses? Blech! Pretty shoes? No way! In fact, shoes were pretty much not happening...at least during the summer. Then I spent most of my time up a tree, in the creek or the river, and many times was so grubby by the end of the day, my mom had to hose me down outside in the evenings, before I could go in and take a bath...I was too dirty to go straight to the bathtub. On Sundays and in the winter, when I was forced to have something on my feet, I wore tennies or snow boots. Yeah, you get the picture. I was not a girly girl, and still am not.
playing in the Yellowstone River

So when my daughter was born, I was afraid at times about what I'd do if she turned out to be a princess instead of a tomboy. I had no idea what to do if she was a girly girl. Thankfully, she was a tomboy, too. A girl I could understand! But now that she's a teenager, things are changing. Metamorphosis is taking place. She's not really my mini-me, and lately she's wanting to be a bit more girly. I am feeling out of my element! She voluntarily wears a little bit of makeup. She cares more about how other people think she looks. She wants some feminine clothing (she still draws the line at dresses, though). She has very long, gorgeous hair, and is wanting to get it styled so she can curl it and do more than put it in a ponytail, or just wear it straight. I'm all for getting the hair done, but I will have to pay attention to the stylist and ask questions. Otherwise, I have no idea how to help my girl achieve the looks she wants to try.
friendly garter snake

My daughter is growing up. Smart, artistic, compassionate, outdoorsy, funny, sweet, loyal, stubborn, and beautiful. I miss my little girl sometimes, but it is also fun watching her grow into the adult she will become.


  1. Ha! I have come to realize that Cordelia seems to be a very girlie-girl. She loves pink and dresses and tights. While I wasn't a full fledged tomboy I was somewhere in between. Cordelia seems to be decidedly girly. We are just going with it, but I did make her hold a worm the other day.

  2. Haha, you made her hold a worm...how'd she like that? :o)