Friday, March 23, 2012

Wild Night at the Rodeo

Ok, so I didn't really go to the rodeo last night.  But it sure feels like I went for a wild ride on the back of a bucking bronco!  I am so tired...I wish I could go back to bed, but a busy day is ahead, so no lounging around for me.

The instant I fell asleep, the crazy dreams started.  My poor husband!  I scared him to death when I reared up and yelled at him to "STOP PEDALING!!!"  I woke up when he shouted something in alarm.  Then I calmly explained to him what the problem was.  The more we pedaled, the faster the pages would turn.  If the page turned and we didn't get a stamp, we'd be in BIG trouble.  Makes perfect sense, right?  He says if I ever scare him like that again, I can go sleep in the garage.  Humph.

Next, I dreamed that I was at my daughter's school.  We were walking down the hall and saw a kid head-butt another kid, hard, in the chest, then take off running.  When I yelled for the head-butting kid to stop, I got in trouble with the principal...for yelling.

The final weird dream of the night, that I remember at least, was a huge fight with my mother.  She insisted I owed her money. A lot of money.  We had taken a trip together somewhere a few months prior, and the airline had offered us $65 thousand in traveler's insurance for only $5.  I took the deal, my mom didn't.  All those months later, she was mad and said I now owed her half.  Half of what?  Nothing happened to us or our luggage, so we didn't collect any money.  The airline made $5 off of me.  She still, very angrily, kept insisting I pay her half!  Ok, then.

Was the moon full last night?  Nope, just the opposite. It was the new moon, so no moon at all.  I do notice a theme, however.  There was lots and lots of yelling.  I am hoping that today is a much quieter day.


  1. Hey, please make it clear that your mother never screams at you in real life!!

  2. I think it is funny that you two are communicating via these comments. You do know you live under the same roof, don't you? :-)