Saturday, March 17, 2012

Got Green?

When I got up this morning, I pulled a pink t-shirt out to wear for the day. Then I remembered that today is St. Patrick's Day, and decided I'd better find something green, or my daughter was sure to give me a good pinch.

This afternoon, I made a trip to the hardware store with my hubby, and a little (maybe 5 feet tall if he stretched), older man approached us from across the street. He pointed at Chad and said, "You're supposed to be wearing green!" Then he looked at me and asked, "Did you pinch him?" I laughed and said that I had. So why is this funny? This little man wasn't wearing any green either...he had on a bright red shirt and blue jeans! Maybe he's color blind and confuses the colors red and green, but the encounter gave me a good laugh.

No...I didn't pinch him...

1 comment:

  1. Oh cool, though this really is an unfair holiday for the color blind members of our society....I might have been tempted to pinch!