Friday, November 23, 2012

Was That REALLY Thanksgiving? -or- We Are a Bunch of Rebels!

Here is it, Black Friday, and I still can't wrap my head around the fact that yesterday was Thanksgiving.  According to my internal "seasonal clock", it should still be summer.  Alas, it seems my internal clock needs reset!  So, even though we had lots of food, company, and wished each other "Happy Thanksgiving", I guess my brain was still in denial.  Like we were just pretending it was Thanksgiving!  Silly, I know.

I actually had an extremely fun day, even if my brain didn't believe it could actually be time for this holiday.  It was the first time in years, probably since I was a kid, that I was experiencing genuine glee over Thanksgiving!  I was feeling rebellious, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!  You see, after having the traditional Thanksgiving feast each year for my entire life, I experienced what I think is a stroke of genius last week while I was in the grocery store.  Some people think I'm just totally crazy, but I'm going to stick with genius!

Chad was with me as I was shopping in the gluten free section of the store, and had picked up several items, when I happened to spot the gluten free lasagna noodles.  Instantly, I had this thought:  If I were smart, I'd skip all the turkey and paraphernalia that goes with the traditional turkey dinner, and just make lasagna.  I admit, for a split second there, I felt resentment that I couldn't actually do this.  Then, in the next split second, the idea tumbled right out of my mouth before I could stop it.  Instead of the look of horror I'd expected to see on Chad's face (he loves turkey, and especially turkey sandwiches with the leftovers), he had a look of excitement, and said we should do it!  I said, nah, I've already got the turkey, and he reminded me that it was in the freezer, so we could have it another time.  Obviously, Chad is a genius, too!

And so, I had hope that maybe my crazy idea (NO! Stroke of genius!!), could actually happen.  I bought the gluten free lasagna noodles, just in case I'd actually be needing them. 

I asked my mom, my daughter, and our friend that was coming to our house for Thanksgiving what they thought of the idea.  What do you know, they were excited about having Thanksgiving lasagna, too!  So, the rebellion was born!  We would have lasagna, fresh bread (bread machines are the BEST), and pie for dessert.  It was my pleasure to keep at least one part of the tradition alive.  Plus, who doesn't like pie? 

A few days before Thanksgiving, Chad talked to his parents about their plans for the holiday.  He told his dad what we were doing, and he thought that sounded like a good idea.  Since they were not planning to celebrate Thanksgiving until Friday with Chad's sister and her family, we invited them to come on over.  So they made the hour-long drive, and joined our merry band of rebels!

We had lots of food, good conversation, and at the end of the day, I think it was the most relaxed Thanksgiving we've ever had.  There sure was a lot less cooking and stewing, and therefore much less cleanup.  I loved not having a huge cooking mess, and that I didn't have to be a prisoner in the kitchen for hours.  Lasagna requires a pot for the sauce (and when you get it started, it takes care of itself while it simmers), A pot to boil the noodles, and the pan to put it all together.  That's it, easy peasy lemon squeezy!  We let Marie Calendar make 2 of our pies (aren't frozen pies just the best?), Mom and Megan made a couple of pumpkin pies with ready made crust, and I made a small gluten free cherry crisp.  The entire dinner was simple, easy and very yummy!

I think I will have to be a rebel for every holiday meal!  Christmas and New Year's are coming...

How was your Thanksgiving?

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