Thursday, November 29, 2012

Breakfast, Please

Our dogs have a morning routine.  When Chad gets up in the morning, he takes them out to do their business.  By the time they come back in, I'm making Chad's lunch, and I get some doggie help.  You know, in case some of those nasty crumbs fall to the floor or something, I have a furry cleanup crew.

After Chad and Megan get out the door for work and school, the dogs all put themselves back to bed.  It's really pretty funny to watch them wander to their favorite napping spots around the house as soon as the door closes.  They go snooze for another couple of hours, then they will start getting up and asking for breakfast.  Jack is usually the first one, then the rest follow.  His method of asking is to come find me wherever I am, sit in front of me, and grunt.  Not whine, not bark, not growl.  Grunt.  He sounds like a disgruntled old man, and it cracks me up every time!

Yesterday, I was at the computer blogging away, when Jack decided it was time for breakfast.  Jack grunted.  I continued to type.  Jack grunted more loudly.  I said, "Just a minute, buddy, I'm almost done."  Jack didn't feel like waiting, so he grunted, then reached up with a paw and tapped my elbow.  By now, Pip has joined in the breakfast request club, and is sitting beside me doing her squeaky version of begging.  Now I'm giggling as I continue to type.  Finally, Jack decided he needed to take drastic action.  With much bumping and thumping, he shoved his way under the computer desk, which was not easy; he's a big guy.  He then managed to wiggle his head in between my knees, looked up at me, and grunted.  Loudly! 

"Helloooooooo! Starving dog here!"

So glad the camera was right next to me on the desk!  After my fit of giggles, I put poor Jack out of his misery and fed the dogs their breakfast.  Funny, after he gets his food, I never hear a thank you...

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