Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Drive Safe 'n Sanitary

My family has a tradition that goes back to my great-grandfather Mackey; when leaving on a trip, we say "Drive (or sometimes travel) safe and sanitary!"  This often leads to very interesting and funny discussions about all the ways one could try to be unsanitary while traveling!
This sign is around either
Basin or Greybull, Wyoming

Yesterday was Christmas, and we went upstairs to my mom's (she has a very nice apartment attached to our house), to open gifts and have brunch after.  One of the gifts my mom gave to my husband, Chad, was a book titled The Jumbo Duct Tape Book.  On the cover, it says, "The Gigantic, Exhaustive, Really Thick, Ultra Informative, Mother-of-em-all Book by Jim and Tim, The Duct Tape Guys". It also says, "wacky and tacky".  And it is a very thick book!

Chad was kind of randomly flipping through it and reading the interesting tidbits about duct tape (who knew there were so many!), and he quickly came across this little gem:

Travel Toilet Hygiene

Are you going to trust your hygiene to those flimsy tissue toilet-seat covers? Heck no! Do what we do: before you travel anywhere, cover your entire backside with duct tape! You'll be safe and sanitary for the whole trip.

Hmmm, perfectly logical, of course!  So, there you go.  One more way to travel safe and sanitary!

This sign was for sale in an antique store in Cody, Wyoming