Friday, May 31, 2013

Feeling Flat?

I have hypoglycemia, so I am always armed with some things that I can eat quickly if I get into trouble. When things are working like they're supposed to, blood sugar gradually decreases, and when it gets to a certain point, your tummy will start to growl, letting you know it's time to eat. A hypoglycemia attack, for me, feels really weird, and really different. It happens suddenly, and I get a sort of sinking, rubbery legs, shaky feeling, sort of like all the cells in my body are vibrating. It's hard to properly describe how it feels, and it's not hunger. For lack of anything better, I just call it "feeling flat".

If I'm at home when this happens, it's easy to quickly take care of. But when I'm away from home, it can be a different story. If I don't get some sugar into me right way, I can become almost incoherent, like my tongue is way too heavy and I can't lift it. Words are in my mind, but I can't get them out. Thoughts will then become jumbled, and if it were to go on much longer, I'd faint.

So, after a couple of close calls when I was away from home, one of them in a grocery store, ironically, I now try to make sure I don't leave home without at least one rescue device. I keep some hard candy, like Jolly Ranchers, in my pocket or purse, and I usually have something in my purse like a Salted Nut Roll, or Kind bar.

The other day, I needed a pick-me-up, so I dug the Salted Nut Roll out of my purse.

Hmmmm, it looks a little strange.

I think this Salted Nut Roll is looking as flat as I'm starting to feel...

Aren't the peanuts supposed to be on the outside???

I have been carrying this in my purse for at least six months, probably longer, and time had not been kind to the poor thing's appearance. But I'm happy to say that it tasted just fine, and did the trick.

The flat candy bar unflattened me!

Ok, admit that you've seen the appealing look of the purse-smooshed version, you're hungry for a Salted Nut Roll, aren't you???  ;o)

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