Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Walking in the Cemetery

Hooray for spring! It is finally nice enough to get back to my morning walks. Yesterday I resumed my habit of walking to, and all around, the cemetery. It was such a beautiful morning! Absolutely perfect for walking, and the sunshine was glorious.

I had a good view of the construction of the new Pioneer Manor nursing home. Construction crews are finishing up the demolition of the old Rec Center. It makes me kind of sad to see the old Rec gone. I spent time there as a kid when I'd be in town visiting my grandma and grandpa. There was a neighbor girl my age, and we used to walk to the Rec to go swimming. My daughter learned to swim there, and spent almost every summer day at the pool.

I do find it a bit ironic that the new nursing home will have a great view of the cemetery. As one resident not happy about the move said, "I don't want to look out the window every day and see the cemetery, where I'll be going next."

After watching the busy construction work for a short bit, it was on with the walk. As I've written about before, the cemetery is pretty much the perfect place. It's quiet, there are hills for a good workout, lots of mature trees for nice shade, and it's beautiful and interesting to look at. I find myself humming hymns while I walk there, and thanking God for all of his blessings. As I look at the headstones, I wonder about the lives the people now buried there lived. When I see the marker of a young person, I wonder why they died. I noticed a headstone for a 15-year-old girl that died in the 1930s. It said, "She was loved by all that knew her." My own daughter is 15, so that marker especially touched me.

I am not the only walker that utilizes the cemetery for that purpose. I often see other people walking there, and yesterday was no exception. I don't find the cemetery morbid or creepy, just peaceful. I'm glad we have this nice place where I can spend some time remembering my own family members when I pass by their memorials. I am looking forward to many more sunny walks there.

Do you have a favorite place to walk?


  1. I walk at the dawn for my health sake. I run for 2 kilo meters and rest only at my favorite spot, that is a abandoned construction site. I enjoyed your article Anne. Well written.
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    1. Thank you for stopping by, Bruce. :o)