Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Scenes

The weekend was warm and beautiful, and much time was spent outdoors. Here are some of our weekend scenes.

The neighbor was running low on firewood, so Chad decided to give him some of ours.  ;o)  Ok, that's not really what was going on here. Our cottonwood tree was in dire need of a trim, so Chad borrowed a bucket truck from an electrician he knows, and with a friend's help, got it done. But, the neighbor did get most of the wood.

My very favorite tulips. The original bulb was in a mixed package, and it was the only one of this variety. I love it, and wish there were more!

The first little volunteer violas.

A flagstone is the perfect chihuahua sunning spot.

Teddie enjoying the day. She will be 18 in August.

Do you think Jack really needed a bath? Yep! Looks like he brought half the garden in with him!

How was your weekend?

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