Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beyond A Facelift

On my walk today, I went by a house that makes me sad.  It has been abandoned for many, many years, and it sits on the corner of a very busy street.  Several times over the years, my husband and I have discussed this house and yard, usually when we'd driven by it.  Who owned it?  Why was it simply abandoned and why hadn't anyone fixed it up?  Would they mind if we mowed (the grass and weeds were out of control), or maybe we could find out who owned it and see if cleaning up the place could be a youth group project?

A few months ago, there was a fire, and the house was pretty much destroyed.  The home and vehicles next door were also damaged.  I haven't heard the official cause of the fire, but arson was suspected.  Now the poor thing just needs torn down, but there it sits.  A burned out mess.  And we are still asking questions, just slightly different ones.  Who owns it?  Why are they just letting it sit there?  Will the city step in, and will they tear it down before someone gets hurt?

It is so sad to see something like this house, unloved and unlived in.  Houses are supposed to be homes, but this poor old thing is far beyond a facelift, and just needs to be let go to dwelling heaven.


  1. Sad, but it is also kind of beautiful in its own way. Kind of stoic.

  2. Oh, are you sure you don't want to fix it?