Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yoga Anyone?

As I was checking out the Yellowstone National Park webcams this morning, I came across something I'd never seen before.  The cameras update every so often, and they capture a lot of animals and people doing different things, but this morning, the camera at Mammoth Hot Springs captured a morning yoga routine.

My first thought was, wow, that's a brave person.  I would never do that in public. Especially in that spot, since I know there's a camera trained on it.  How embarrassing!  When the picture updated, there was a new pose, and I continued to think about the type of personality it would take to do yoga in such a place, where lots of people are constantly coming and going.

Curious, I watched as the camera updated again.  No, I'm not a creepy type of stalker person, but I was still thinking about public exercise.  Then it hit me...I exercise in public all the time!  There may not be a camera watching every move I make, but plenty of people see me doing my morning exercise, and probably don't think anything of it.  I know I have never thought much about it before today, and have never been embarrassed by it.  I have been walking several miles every morning (yesterday, I did 5 miles), and really, is that so different than doing yoga in the park?  My first instinct was, yes, it is different.  This probably comes from my introverted personality.  But after thinking about it more deeply, I don't think so now.  If you're going to do yoga outdoors, and why not, I can't think of a more beautiful place to be than in Yellowstone!  When my family visits there this summer, I'll be doing my choice of exercise there as well.

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