Monday, June 25, 2012

Mountain Weekend

My family spent a wonderful weekend in the mountains.  It was our first camping trip of the season, and the time we spent there made us wish for more!

I don't know why, but I feel like sharing the highlights of this trip backwards...I'll start with Sunday, and work my way back to Friday.  So, on Sunday, we decided to take a drive we'd never done before, down into Crazy Woman Canyon.  The road is narrow and steep, but the views are so gorgeous as you wind your way down into the canyon along the creek.  After 4 or 5 miles, the canyon changes dramatically, and is really breathtaking.  The rock walls are dramatic and pockmarked with caves.  We explored one of them, and it was fascinating.  I could easily imagine someone using that cave (and many of the others we saw) for shelter in eras gone by.

Megan, in front of a very large rock!

Crazy Woman Creek

Canyon wall, and one of the many caves.

Megan and I were both down inside the cave. It ran back a little way, and there was another opening that we didn't go into.  Maybe next time...

On Saturday, Chad's parents came up and spent the day with us.  There was a nice long walk, roasted hot dogs over the fire, a trip on up the mountain to a couple of fishing spots; barbless hooks, and catch and release only! I am not fond of cooking and eating fish. Yuck!  After that full day, we ended up taking an evening drive along a narrow and pretty rough road, but the view was gorgeous, and we saw some wildlife.

Three generations of Birdies: Chad, Charles, and Megan.

Judy, Chad's mother, doing one of her favorite things; rock hunting!

Friday afternoon, we arrived at our campsite at around 3:00.  Chad's parents were kind enough to take the camper up the day before and get it all set up.  The campsite is a 25 minute drive from their house, and it sure saves time when they do this for us.  A beautiful spot where we had camped last year, it is way back in, far from the highway.  It is quiet, and there are no other campers within a couple of miles.  Filled with many varieties of wildflowers and just as many varieties of butterflies, this is my favorite site of all the ones we have stayed in.  We got settled in, looked around the immediate area at all of the flowers, then a little thunderstorm came up.  While it was raining, we all enjoyed a nice nap.  Evening walks and family time around the campfire were just the ticket, and I can't imagine a better way to relax.


A Hesperis Fritillary butterfly enjoying some Penstemon nectar.

Slimpod Shooting Star

Duncecap Larkspur (what a rude name for such a pretty flower!)

I think camping is, by far, my favorite family activity.  I can't wait until we can do it again!

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  1. Wow! You took some remarkably beautiful photos! I'm glad you had such a lovely week-end.