Saturday, June 9, 2012

Soggy Mountain Drive

Today we made a quick trip to the Big Horn Mountains.  My husband's parents live in Buffalo, Wyoming, right at the base of the mountains.  When we left home, it was sunny and warm.  By the time we'd driven the hour to Buffalo, the sky was dark, the wind had kicked up, and it was cold!  After visiting for awhile, we decided to go on up the mountain and see what we could see.  We're glad we did.

First, we saw a cow moose with her calf.  They were deep in the willows, and it was raining pretty hard, so we didn't try to get any pictures.  We really could only see little bits of them here and there between trees and bushes, so any photos wouldn't have been very good anyway.

We drove on up the road a bit, and there, pretty as you please, was a bull moose, probably 30 feet from where we pulled off the road.  Still raining, but he didn't care!  So we took his picture, and he was very gracious about it.

After we said thank you and goodbye to Mr. Moose, we went a short way up the road, and the rain began to turn to a slushy mix of rain and snow.  So we decided that we'd gone far enough, and headed back down.

How was your Saturday?


  1. What a beautiful drive. I am so sad that moose won't snuggle, I really want to pet those fuzzy antlers!

  2. Oh, what a beautiful photo opportunity! Great pictures!