Thursday, August 16, 2012

Excitement of the 911 Kind

There is nothing like being abruptly awakened in the night by the sounds of someone trying to get into your house.  We always keep our doors locked, thank goodness.  When the door didn't open, there was some scratching, then the door bell started to ring.  By that time, Chad was already at the door, very large and heavy Maglite flashlight in hand, and I had 911 on the phone.  He carefully opened the door in such a way that the intruder wasn't going to get in easily, and found a very drunk guy on the step, with the screen door open and trying to get inside. 

Chad kept the guy from getting inside (a feather could have knocked the guy over) and asked if he needed help, and the guy looked confused and said he was looking for Desiree.  When Chad told him he was lost, there is no Desiree in this house or any of the neighboring homes, the young, well dressed and very polite drunk, apologized, over and over.  He told us his name, and said he had a name badge, but he wasn't wearing one that we could see.  Just about then, and probably less than two minutes after I dialed 911, four police officers in three cars showed up, and our drunk calmly went with them.  We could hear him still apologizing as they were talking to him.  All of the officers were gentle with our drunk, and explained to him that he was going with them.  He said, "ok", and calmly got into one of the police cars.  One of the officers was walking up and down the street checking things out, and found strung along the sidewalk across the street, a name badge, cell phone and a pair of glasses, all belonging to our visitor. 

There is an energy conference in town, which he is no doubt part of, but I'm wondering how he got into our neighborhood as he seemed to be on foot, and we are not exactly near party central. And who is Desiree???


  1. Yikes!!! So glad he wasn't driving!

  2. That's way too much excitement! It's nice that he was so polite though.