Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yellowstone Pictures, Part 2 (with Bison Love Songs video)

We usually go to Yellowstone in early July, but this year, we decided to try going a little later to see if we'd notice differences.  Boy, did we!  The biggest difference between early July and early August is in the Bison.  In July, the cows and calves are separated from the bulls.  But by August, the bison start their mating season, and wow, there are major differences in their behavior!

One of the many bull and cow bison pairs. The whole time, the bull is "singing" to her. I'm sure she likes it, but to me it sounded like a constant growling, grunting, worst-indigestion-you've-ever-had kind of noise! Check it out in the video below. The car was moving, and the video isn't the greatest (no cinematography awards are going to come from this), but it's worth listening to.

Here are more of our Yellowstone adventures!

Megan at the base of Fairy Falls. The only way to see this beautiful waterfall is to hike. It's about 5 miles round-trip, and  very much worth seeing!

Megan, giggling and saying, "NO PAPARAZZI!!", on the hike back from Fairy Falls.

You're right...this isn't Yellowstone! One day, we made the drive down to see the Tetons, so here is Grand Teton, looking a little hazy from the smoke that was across the area.

Mount Moran and its glacier.

Grand Prismatic Spring from part way up the hill behind it. Sadly, the camera just can't do this beautiful spring justice.

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  1. What an awesome trip! We need to get back to Yellowstone.