Sunday, August 26, 2012

"You Don't Need Another Dog!"

Meet Jack.  He is a lab/basset mix, is 6 years old, and is the newest member of our family!

Yesterday, we made a quick day trip to Rapid City, SD.  Our daughter was born there (actually at Ellsworth Air Force Base, a few miles outside of Rapid) on August 27, 1997.  We usually go back for her birthday, a sort of fun way to remember the anniversary of her birth by "visiting the scene of the crime".

We let her choose what she wants to do on these birthday trips, and this time she wanted to shop for new school clothing, go to Hobby Lobby to pick up some craft supplies for her projects, and visit the pet stores.  I think I have mentioned before that all three of us love pretty much all animals, and it can be a dangerous thing for us to visit pet stores.  After we'd visited the first of two, and not purchased any critters of any kind, I was patting myself on the on the back.  Oops!  Not so fast, missy!

On our way out of town, Megan wanted to stop and look in PetSmart.  And...that's where we met Jack!  A lady that fosters dogs for the Humane Society in Rapid City had Jack and another dog named Lilly, there with their "adopt me" vests on.  Chad took one look at Jack, and it was love at first sight, for both of them!  My mom calls Chad "the dog whisperer", because pretty much all dogs fall instantly in love with him, and Jack was no exception (I have a funny story about Chad and a dog at Home Depot that I'll save for another blog).  It was pretty obvious that we were not going home without Jack.  Chad has a very tender heart and tearfully said, "I just feel so sorry for him.  He needs us".

Jack, checking out his new yard!

Poor thing, he is really, really overweight.  Surrendered to the shelter by his owners in extremely bad and filthy condition, the shelter workers said they couldn't even tell he was a dog.  They thought he looked like a huge, and very dirty, pot-bellied pig.  How can people do stuff like that to their pets?  He's been in a foster home for the last five months, and has been on a strict diet.  He's lost a lot of weight, but still has quite a bit more to lose.  Chad has plans to slowly get him into shape and turn him into his running partner.  The animal hospital here does a "Biggest Loser: Pet Edition" program, and I will get Jack enrolled in the next round.  Other portly pets watch out, because Jack is gonna win!

Jack's foster mom said when she took him home, it took four people to lift him into her car, and he couldn't even walk around the block.  She also said he's the perfect dog, and he really seems to be.  He's very calm, obedient, has an extremely sweet disposition, gets along with our other critters, and has a fair amount of training.  It is hard to believe he comes from a neglectful/abusive home, and it makes me very angry knowing anyone could do what his previous owners did to such a sweet soul.  He is potty trained, sits and lays down on command, and comes when you call him.  He loves us already, and we love him, too.  Really, what more is there?

I knew exactly what my mom would say when I told her about Jack, and she didn't disappoint. I also know that Jack will work his way into her heart.  There is room for another grand-doggie in there!  But, her reaction to the news was immediate.

"Ugh! No! You don't need another dog!!!!"

This is what I've heard my entire life when it came to bringing home a critter of any kind, "No, you don't need a/another (fill in the blank).  I also remember hearing, "When you grow up and have your own house, THEN you can have all the animals you want."  Well, mom...I do have my own you can still tell me no, but now I don't have to obey!  It actually is kind of fun, in a devious sort of way, to tell her when we've gotten a new pet.  Hahaha, I know, I'm terrible (mom, I see you sticking your tongue out at me!)!

Anyway, if the definition of "needing" is that we didn't have any dogs already, then no.  We didn't need another dog.  But when we listened to our hearts, we did need another dog, this dog, and I'm so glad our family, and Jack, found each other.


  1. You photographed Jack from a flattering angle--it really doesn't show how fat he is.

    Sorry--I enjoyed the blog; my tongue was not sticking out!

  2. Funny blog! I'm looking forward to hearing more about Jack in the future.

  3. "...but now I don't have to obey!"

    You didn't obey when you were a kid either! Remember the mice?

  4. Mom, hehehehehe, I was thinking specifically of the mice when I wrote that "obey" part!! ;o) But they weren't all...a tarantula, fish, and turtles also come to mind...