Monday, August 20, 2012

Here We Go...

It's that time of year again...back to school!  While many schools around the country have already started, the schools in our town aren't back in session until August 28th.  But, for my daughter, the summer is pretty much over.

Megan is in the high school marching band, and they had their camp to kick off marching season last week.  They went to the Black Hills in South Dakota to learn their show for this year.  There was a lot of hard work, but also some play, and new friends made.  Megan returned home exhausted, but so, so excited for the upcoming season.  She absolutely loves being on the drum line!

A friend of Meg's took this at band camp. Although it's blurry, I love this photo! The huge smile on her face says it all.
From now until the end of football season, there will be daily band rehearsals.  Is Megan sad about giving up the last two weeks of her summer vacation?  No way!  She's been looking forward getting marching band started again for quite awhile.  We will have a very busy week trying to get everything ready for school to start, but it is a good kind of busy.  Shopping for school supplies, new school clothes (is this girl ever gonna stop growing???), shoes, orientation at the high school she will be attending (ack, she's a sophomore this year!), taking the written test so she can get her driving learner's permit on her 15th birthday (the day before school starts!), and a haircut are all on the agenda right along with all of the band rehearsals.  While I will not be going back to school myself (wow, did I really graduate from high school 25 years ago???), there is always an anticipation that comes with this time of year.

Sigh. Good times.

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  1. Eric has strong memories of band camp..I guess it was pretty intense.