Friday, August 3, 2012


I am getting so excited!  On Sunday, we leave for our annual week in Yellowstone National Park!

View from the webcam at the Old Faithful Visitor Center

I don't know what day next week we will be at Old Faithful, but I do know we will be there at some point.  We stay in the Canyon area, and that is quite a jaunt away from Old Faithful.  Last year when we left our cabins, it was a beautiful day.  By the time we got to the other end of the park, it was pouring down a very cold rain, so we had to view Old Faithful from inside.  Not acceptable!!  You can't hear it, can't feel it, and it really feels like watching it on TV or something.  Bleh!

We have a spot we have visited for years, where we have a place to sit in the shade while we wait,  and it's out of the crowd you can see that gathers right in front of the geyser.  It still offers the perfect view of Old Faithful when it erupts, and we can hear the roar and feel the ground tremble.  I can't wait, and hope we have better luck with the weather this time!

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  1. Last time we stood around waiting for Old Faithful we noticed the crowd on the boardwalk near us start to move around and kind of part down the middle. As they did that we realized a bull buffalo was sauntering down the boardwalk toward us! We got out of there as quickly as possible but many just stepped aside a bit, unaware of how dangerous he could've been.