Thursday, April 25, 2013

Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Season

The remains of Monday's snowstorm are just about melted. With temperatures reaching around 60°F today, and low 70s by the weekend, it seems we are finally returning to our regularly scheduled season; spring!

Papa Sparrow. He has a nest under the roof of the patio. He's probably glad spring is back, too!

My poor daffodils have been in this same stage of growth for over 3 weeks now. I was afraid they'd be trying to bloom under the snow and we'd miss seeing their sunny faces. Instead, it seems they just went dormant and were patiently waiting for the snow to melt. Same with the tulips. Hopefully everyone can get on with their blooming now.

Maybe Old Man Winter is gone for the season. I certainly hope he is. Now that things are being set right with spring's return, Mother Nature and I will again be on speaking terms.


  1. You've certainly gotten great bird photos the last couple of days.

  2. Love it that the birds are back.