Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dinosaur Tracks!

Where is Cordelia, my little cousin and dinosaur hunter, when I need her?  Even though she is only 3, Cordy is a dino hunting expert!  I could use her help in tracking the dinosaurs that were in my yard yesterday.

I'm pretty sure they were on the hunt for food on the back patio.  You see, this is where the dinosaur feeder is located. It's important to have food available for hungry dinos!

Ok, maybe they aren't really dinosaur tracks, but it is a lot more fun to imagine that they are!  If Cordelia were nearby, it would be a fun game to imagine that a group of little dinosaurs made their way across the back patio in search of food. That's a lot more exciting than reality; sparrows visiting the bird feeder.

One little sparrow left us a pretty gift of wing prints in the snow.

And what is this?

It is truly such a treat to see the clear blue sky this morning!  We've had dark and cloudy snow-filled skies for so long, that seeing the sun out and the sky so blue, is almost shocking to the senses.  I'm so glad the sun is out today.  I've said before that I'm convinced I run on solar power, and I definitely need a recharge.

What kind of adventures will you have today?


  1. Love the photos and the whimsey.

  2. I'll bet your little helper is helping her mother celebrate her birthday.