Friday, April 27, 2012

Art Symposium

My daughter, Megan, has a piece of art on display at the Wyoming High School Art Symposium, in Casper.  She's a 9th grader, so this is the first time she's had something submitted.  The students from her school with art displayed got to travel there today to see everthing.  How fun!  It's kind of exciting for her work to be there, mingling with over 4,000 other pieces of art!  Her teacher chose and submitted her work, and Megan is a little embarrassed by it, but, too's there, and I'm proud of her.  It's kind of a funny self-portrait.  The teacher had them look into a reflective sphere, and draw what they saw, so things are a bit distorted.  Given the title, I take it she was going for kind of a grumpy look.  Since the piece is also a sphere, I think it's very interesting, and is nothing she should be embarrassed by.  I could tell right away, without being told, that she was her own subject, and it certainly is better than I could ever do. 

Congratulations to Megan, and all of the other student artists showing off their talents!
"Whimsical Anger" by Megan

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