Wednesday, April 11, 2012


(I climb up on my soapbox, step up to the podium, and tap the mic to make sure it's on)

Ever run across a news item that just makes you shudder?  With wars going on, natural disasters happening all over the world, and the US economy, there's plenty of bad news.  I don't mean to make light of these very serious situations, but today, something I read on the Fox News website definitely created a strong reaction in me.  It's called the "gag reflex", and this is what caused it:

Pizza Hut ad via Fox News

Yes, this is for real, and is being rolled out in the U.K. Right now, I can't think of anything nastier than this combination of pizza and hot dog.  And drizzled with mustard?  Yuck!  At least the mustard drizzle is free. Maybe that makes it all better.  Nope!  Can't you feel your arteries crying out for mercy, just by looking at this ad?  If you're somebody that would enjoy this food, my apologies, and I hope you're not offended by our difference of opinion. (Teenage boys everywhere are shouting insults, and start throwing things at me)  Kids, stay in school, and just say no to drugs and hot dog stuffed crust pizza!

I think I'll go eat my fat-free vegan salad now, and listen to my arteries give a huge sigh of relief.

(Stepping down from my soapbox, I duck behind the podium as one last shoe comes my way)


  1. So happy to be vegan....I look at things like that as non-food items like soap or a cow pie. Don't even register them!

  2. i agree! btw, my kids do not like hotdogs. my daughter was very young when she learned how they were made.

  3. Soap or a cow pie...great way to look at it! I think they might actually be better for the human body than hot dog stuffed crust pizza... ;o)