Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chirp's the Word

Today is chilly, but bright and sunny, and there are birds singing all over the neighborhood.  One of my favorite things is when Keet, our budgie, tries to out-chirp them.  Maybe he's telling them to quiet down, or maybe he's calling to them to come and  play, although I suspect he'd have a fit if any of them actually got close to his cage.  He's pretty territorial.  Anyway, he can get very loud when he's doing this, but it's so funny listening to him try to keep up with all the wild birds outside.  I'll tell him, "Sing it Keet!" and it usually makes him even more enthusiastic. Funny little bird!

Keet "Loud Pipes"


  1. I love when the birds are out!

  2. Me, too! It's such a happy sound, and just brings more cheer to the day. :o)