Sunday, April 1, 2012

Beautiful Day

Yesterday, we traveled to Buffalo, Wyoming, where my husband's parents live.  It was a clear day, and on the way over, the view of the snow capped Big Horn Mountains was awesome!

We visited for a while, and then decided to go out for some lunch.  When we got outside, we noticed some very strange and fascinating cloud formations. Along with the usual puffy clouds, there was another layer that the wind must have been really blowing to make these odd, streaky clouds.  They kind of looked like sun rays, or wagon wheel spokes.  Aren't they cool???

After lunch, it was nearly 80 degrees downtown, so we figured it would be perfect to do a little exploring up in the mountains.  Buffalo is nestled right at the base of the Big Horns, so it's just minutes until you're in the middle of some of the most beautiful of God's creation.  Most of the roads off of the main highway were still closed, but there were a couple open, so we did a little muddy side trip down the Elgin Loop road.  It was about 60 degrees, and the snow has really been melting up there, but my daughter managed to find some here and there to make some snowballs to throw.

We got back to the highway and continued on up to the summit of Powder River Pass, which is 9666 feet in elevation.  It was very windy up there, but still warm enough to be melting snow, and water was running everywhere.  There are some really neat rocks at the summit, just perfect for perching on.

After we finished our mountain drive, the hunt was on for some "perfect" rocks.  My daughter paints animals and scenery on rocks, but first she has to find just the right ones for what she has in mind.  I don't know how she does it, but she decides on what she wants to paint, then finds the rock that is the perfect shape for what she has in mind.  She'll say things like, "I need a robin shaped rock" or "I'm looking for a Buddy rock" (Buddy is our cat).  Amazingly enough, when she finds just the right rock, it looks just like....a rock!  I don't see Buddy or a robin, but after she gets the paintings done, you can see that she was right, those rocks were perfect!  Her grandparents live in the foothills of the Big Horns, and their land is full of rocks.  So Grandpa showed Megan where she was free to hunt and dig up all the rocks she wanted.  But, his rock walls are off limits, as he has worked really hard digging and moving them, so she has to find her own.  In the end, she brought home about a dozen.

We visited for a bit more, then it was time to head back home.  We were there for only about 8 hours, but we packed a lot of fun stuff into that time.  It was so nice to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, and it makes me long, even more, for summer, camping, and time in the mountains.  Something to look forward to!

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  1. Beautiful photos, and the clouds really were cool!