Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bit of a Reprieve

Yesterday afternoon, we started to get some peeks of sunshine. I was so excited, after seeing nothing but dreary gray for nearly a week! The sun was playing a game of hide and seek with the clouds, but was out enough that my tulips finally got to open up.  I was so excited, I grabbed my camera and ran outside to get a picture.  But...yep, you guessed it.  In the very short amount of time it took me to get out to the yard, the sun was behind a cloud. Doggone it, anyway!  So I roamed around the yard, looked over all of my flower beds and checked on how our little lilac bush is coming along, and tried to be patient.  Finally, the sun peeked out again, and while it only stayed briefly, I was able to snap a couple of pictures.

I'm not sure what variety of tulip these are. They came in a variety pack, and I wish there had been more of them. They are my very favorites!

Sunny daffodils

Just after the I got the photo of the daffodils, the sun hid behind the clouds again.  The next picture on the camera shows the dim, overcast light.  I was happy to get the pictures that I did!

By early evening, the sky had cleared and the sun was out for the rest of the day.  After nightfall, the stars were out and shining brightly, and it was so nice to see them, too! 

This morning, we are having peeks of sun here and there, but it is supposed to get cloudy and rainy again for the next few days.  Since we need the moisture, I will try not to grumble, and am thankful for the bit of reprieve in the meantime.


  1. I have some of those red tulips with the fancy yellow stars inside. Mine just opened for the first time yesterday.

  2. Love your flower photos! I can see the real thing out my living room window, but the closeup detail is something I can't see even if I were standing over them. {Looking down through the bifocal loses detail.)