Thursday, April 19, 2012

Indoor Flower Garden

Spring really has sprung!  We had a very mild winter, and a lot of early warmth during March especially.  The trees are leafed out, and my perennial flowers are going great guns.  Everything is about a month ahead of schedule, and I keep worrying that we'll get a huge snowstorm that will do a lot of damage to the tender baby leaves and the plants doing so well in my flower gardens.  It is not odd for us to have very large blizzards right up until June.  So I am keeping my fingers crossed that our early spring will not turn back into winter.

Having it so mild outdoors really has made my green thumb start singing.  I've been ignoring it for at least a month now, and it's gone from singing to shouting and demanding attention!  But as I said, we are not out of danger yet, and we are still having many nights at or near freezing, with frost many mornings.  Too many times in past years I've caved in to the green thumb, and have planted my annuals, only to have them destroyed by one returning winter storm, or even a heavy frost or two.  It's heartbreaking when it happens, and it means starting over again when it really is an appropriate time to plant.  So, for now, I'm ignoring the demands of my green thumb.

I do have something that helps the waiting a little bit.  I have an indoor flower garden!  Fortunately, I have two bay windows that I can fill up with plants; a couple of pots of gerbera daisies (commonly known as gerber daisies), a geranium, and a chrysanthemum.  My regular house plants are feeling a little crowded, but they'll just have to put up with it for a bit longer.  Anyway, my indoor garden is blooming!

This is the first gerber daisy to bloom.  I have at least three other colors just about to bloom!

This is Chad's geranium. He chose it one summer, and it really does have beautiful velvety blooms.

I have had this chrysanthemum for many years. I had to buy it when I saw the name of its variety; Yoko Ono! That just cracked me up! I didn't think Yoko Ono was particularly yellow or fluffy, but who am I to argue with a flower having such a name?

And finally, this is the little volunteer viola I rescued out of my garden last month.  If you want to see the original post to check out how much it has grown, click here.  This little champ is really going to town!  In fact, it's needing a larger pot, so I hope to be able to plant it outdoors soon.

Do you have flowers that you bring inside for the winter?

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