Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Early Morning

Don't you hate it when something out of the ordinary is happening, and you can't sleep?  My daughter is taking a trip for band today.  They're headed out of town for Festival, where they'll be judged, along with the bands from several different schools, on how well they play. Their bus is leaving at 6 a.m., so the kids need to be there by 5:30 so they can load up.  Just knowing she'd have to be up by 4:30 or so had me awake before 4 a.m.  I wanted to make sure she didn't sleep through her alarm, and even though my alarm was set, my internal alarm went off first!  This after a restless night of looking at the clock every hour or two.  I know I am going to have a day where I will need an afternoon nap.  Most likely, I will not get that nap.  Hopefully I will be able to sleep better tonight.

Monday night, they had a concert so families could hear what they were going to play for the judges.  They performed three pieces of music, and they sounded beautiful.  Good luck to my daughter, and the rest of the high school band!


  1. Ooo rough! I have an obnoxious internal clock too!

  2. Obnoxious...that is definitely the word for it!